Letterpress M

For this project Koen custom made 10 pieces of wood type for a series of letterpress prints. Each letter is made from a different type of wood (Cherry, Mahogany, MDF etc), in order to study the differences in their printing behaviour and quality.

The type is printed in several large series, of up to 300 sequential prints at a time, which were later bundled in large flip books. Each series started with the same carefully selected variables; the exact same amount of ink on the press (6g), same amount of times and way the type was inked up, and the same pressure of the ink rollers and press’ packing. Each print run finished when all the ink had run off the press and the prints came out clear. Among other things, the study revealed how each wood type changes the visible texture inside their prints and how they hold their ink for different periods of time, depending on their ability to absorb and emit liquid.


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