MC90 typeface

MC90 is a screen printing typeface specifically designed for printing at small sizes not usually intended for screen printing. It is the outcome –or rather developmental stages– of ongoing primary research.

Through a series of test prints this project studies the behaviour of existing typefaces when screen printed at small character sizes, using screens with varying TPI values and printed onto different materials. What letterforms stay truest to their original shapes and remain legible even at the smallest possible point sizes?

The letterforms of MC90 are informed by the outcomes of this primary research of existing letterforms and combines all their most successful features. It is a typeface that is designed to remain legible and true to its original forms when screen printed at small point sizes or with screens with a low TPI. On a screen with 90TPI this typeface remains legible as small as 2,5 points.

Family members
MC90 uses three different ‘weights’; Contrast, Monoline and Mini. Rather than a difference in stroke weight, these family members differ in form and function. Contrast is intended for the use between 20-8pt, Monoline 8-4pt and Mini 4pt and below. Their different shapes in letterforms –think increasing open counters and robust edges– help keep the typeface legible and most true to its own characteristics even when screen printed at very small sizes.


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