Sector 2337 poster

Fully improvised, experimental screen printing poster, 8 layers (7 colours, 1 embossing).

Collaboration with Sonnenzimmer (Chicago) for the exhibition imperceptibly and slowly opening at Chicago-based gallery Sector 2337.

This exhibition focusses on the ubiquitous presence, strenght, volition and desires of plants in a fastly growing human world. “Undeniably alive, yet silent, they creep upwards, their roots submerged and out of human sight. Like anarchists protesting order, weeds break through concrete.” (sector 2337)

The creation and development of this poster visualises a constant struggle for creative control, between the artists and the unpredictable and untamable forces of nature. There is a breakdown of the experiments done on each layer, and the design and printing process of this poster at the bottom of this page.


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